Happy Dog Fun - Owner

Owner Philosophy

I love my job! I consider myself very fortunate to be able to make a living combining my love of animals and my passion for the great outdoors. I get to spend my days interacting with animals that are: lovable, loyal, and funny. Of course I always have plenty of dog hair on my clothes and they occasionally try my patience, but they always make me smile.

Why Happy Dog Fun?

I have learned a great deal of information during my many years of experience working with dogs. A few of the main things are: Dogs love to exercise and go for walks. Dogs love to sniff stuff. Dogs love butt scratches. Only a small percentage of dogs like to play with other dogs for prolonged periods of time in a confined area. That is why dogs who spend time with Happy Dog Fun get a variety of exercise and social opportunities each day.

Benefits of a Pet Sitter/Dog Walking Service

Most people's lives are filled from morning to night these days. As much as we'd like to run home from work in the middle of the day to let out our new puppy and take her for a walk, it is not always feasible. As much as we'd like to take our high energy adult dog to the dog park after work for exercise and socialization, it's not always feasible. As much as we'd love to take our animals with us when we travel, it's not always feasible.

This is why for these and many other reasons, there are compassionate and caring people like Happy Dog Fun! available to love and care for your furry friends when you can't.

  • We exercise your dog when you can't.
  • We allow animals to stay in their own home environment when you are not there.
  • We provide a safe and fun home setting for your dog to visit and stay at when no one is home at your house.