Holiday at Happy Dog Fun

Happy Dog - Sleepovers

Your canine companion will enjoy all the comforts of home during his/her stay at Happy Dog Fun HQ’s. Whether you are away for business or pleasure, treat your pooch to a delightful Holiday packed with days of good clean canine fun and nights teeming with sweet dreams.

Rates are all inclusive, no additional charges for walks, meds, or other exercise and socialization opportunities throughout the day.

  • $60* per day (1 dog)
  • $15 each additional dog
  • $20 Pick up and Drop Off

* Ask us about our discounts for Saving Grace - Animals for adoption Alumni.

"Happy Dog and Happy Dog Fun! have been Maurice's second home since the age of 4 months. He visits twice a week and also stays overnight when we are out of town. He has learned how to socialize and interact with other dogs. What could be more fun than going on a hike in the woods, a trip to the beach and playing with friends all day long. What a life!!! I wish it was me....."

Rene and Andre

Dog Walking

Happy Dog - Dog Walking

Capable and experienced Happy Dog Fun Staff provide mentally and physically stimulating 30 minute exercise walks, runs, and interactive play sessions. All exercise and play time is age, size, and activity level appropriate.

  • $16 per session (1 dog)
  • $5 each additional dog
  • $1 Fuel surcharge

Doggy Daycare

Happy Dog - Sleepovers

Dogs spend a fun filled, active day with Happy Dog Fun and other happy dogs. A plethora of activities await your dog including walks, woodland hikes, and playdates.

Dogs participate in the canine decathlon events of their choice: running, jumping, chasing, sniffing, splashing, fetching, chewing, digging, swimming, and napping.

You may drop-off and pick-up your dog, or for your convenience HDF will pick-up and drop-off your pup for a reasonable fee.

  • $35 per day (1 dog)
  • $10 each additional dog
  • $10 Pick up and Drop Off
Scout Cacthing ball

"Happy Dog Fun Keeps All Dogs Happy!

Our two yellow labs get their daycare activities personalized to fit their needs. Scout (an 8-year-old certified "Fetchaholic") can handle high intensity hikes and tennis ball retrieving all day long, while our Oz (a 12-year-old Senior Specialist) kicks back with a more subdued senior schedule that keeps him fit and mentally active in his Golden Years. We can't imagine life without Karen and Happy Dog Fun."

--Tina & Pete Honsell

Fun Fieldtrips

Happy Dog - Sleepovers

Dogs enjoy a 2-3 hr outing with Happy Dog Fun Staff and other happy dogs.

Dogs participate in the canine pentathlon events of their choosing to include running, jumping, fetching, sniffing, and splashing.

  • $25 per outing (1 dog)
  • $5 each additional dog
  • $5 Fuel surcharge
Happy Dog - Sleepovers

*animal pack: Happy Dog Fun specializes in the care of dogs and cats but has ample experience caring for all sorts of farm animals, rodents, and birds as well. While Happy Dog Fun has not had the privilege of caring for any exotic/wild animals just yet, we welcome the opportunity.